Ways to be Active in August - August 5, 2010

Dear Friend:

Staying active is a key to success - not only for individuals but for communities, too.  The Parkinson's community is no different.  

There are, of course, lots of ways of remaining active in our community: speaking at local support groups, participating in exercise classes, meeting with your Member of Congress, or even taking part in clinical trials to move us closer to a cure.  We all play a big part in this community, and no matter your level of participation, it is vital to our success that we all stay active in the Parkinson's community.

There are many examples of people in our community remaining active.  Parkinson's advocates across the country will be meeting with their Members of Congress this month during the congressional August Recess.  Dr. Michael Schwarzschild highlights some of his innovative research through the Department of Defense Parkinson's research program.  PAN is also pleased to highlight the members of our new Honorary Council - members of the Parkinson's community who remain active in various ways and lend their expertise to PAN on numerous issues.  All of these people remain active in their own ways, making the Parkinson's community stronger because of their work.
Amy Comstock Rick Signature
Amy Comstock Rick
Chief Executive Officer

P.S.: I hope you will join Co-Chairs Diane and John Rehm and Special Program Guest Lonnie Ali (wife of Muhammad Ali) on October 6, 2010 for our 17th Annual Morris K. Udall Awards Dinner