Stem Cell Update: April 29, 2011 Court Decision

DATELINE: Washington, DC
April 29, 2011

The following statement may be attributed to Amy Rick, CEO of the Parkinson's Action Network:

This is a day of great hope in the Parkinson's community!  We are thrilled the U.S. Court of Appeals reversed the District Court's preliminary injunction decision in the case of Sherley v. Sebelius.  This ruling is an affirmation of what we already knew: that federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research is important and reflects the public's will.  In reading the opinion, it appears the Court has rejected the plaintiff's interpretation that Dickey-Wicker prohibits federal funding for this research.  This is also great news for the scientific community, so that they may continue to apply for grants and know that biomedical research can move forward in an ethical and responsible manner.

We're grateful funding for embryonic stem cell research was not drastically disrupted while we went through this judicial process.  The science can continue to move forward and allow researchers to use the best tools to find better treatments and cures.

U.S. Court of Appeals April 29, 2011 Opinion (PDF)
U.S. Court of Appeals April 29, 2011 Order (PDF)