PAN Co-Hosts Washington, DC Briefing for One Mind for Research

September 2011 Monthly Message

In May at an event in Boston, former Congressman Patrick Kennedy, a longtime mental-health advocate, was joined by Vice President Joe Biden and several neuroscientists to officially announce the formation of One Mind for Research.  The mission of the organization is to cure all neurological diseases which affect millions of individuals around the world.  One Mind hopes for an increased investment in research by $15 billion over a ten-year period in order to accomplish their goal. 

One Mind’s ten-year goal stems from Kennedy’s uncle, President John F. Kennedy, and his ambition to take the United States to the moon within ten years.  Vice President Biden expressed his support for the organization’s mission at the May launch event saying, “Just as there were naysayers in 1961 there are naysayers in 2011. Today they say our economy is too fragile. I say our economy will stay fragile for the better part of the century unless we are bold.”

PAN is working with One Mind for Research to help pursue their goal.  Along with Research!America, the American Brain Coalition, National Health Council, the Council for American Medical Innovation, and US Against Alzheimer’s, PAN co-hosted an educational briefing on September 16 at Hogan Lovells in Washington, D.C.  The event featured remarks by Patrick Kennedy and One Mind’s co-chair, Garen Staglin, as well as a scientific background briefing from One Mind’s scientific advisor, Dr. Magali Haas.

PAN looks forward to working with One Mind for Research on their mission in the months and years to come.