PAN Forum Scholarship Fund

The Forum Scholarship Fund allows current and new volunteer advocates from across the country to attend the PAN Forum on behalf of their home states and communities.

The PAN Forum is a unique and powerful program that brings together the entire Parkinson’s community to share information and learn about the latest policy issues related to Parkinson’s disease.

Without scholarships, a large percentage of dedicated volunteer advocates would not be able to attend the Forum. With your help, we can ensure more of our Members of Congress hear directly from their constituents in the Parkinson’s community.

Donate now.

What Our Advocates Had To Say:

“We were recipients of scholarships to go to Washington, DC for the PAN Forum in February. It was wonderful, and I am very thankful that the funds were available for me to take advantage of the opportunity.  Now we want to give back!” – Cheri Mansfield, Oregon Assistant State Director, who attended her first Forum in 2014 with her husband, Kevin, Oregon State Director

“We need you and your voice. Stand up and be heard and fight for your cause. If you don’t, who will? You will never know how fulfilling and empowering it is to be a part of PAN until you have attended a Forum.” – Michelle Lane, Louisiana State Director

How Your Donation Will Be Used:

$25.45 – Round-trip transportation to the Capitol for a person with mobility issues
$52.14 – Expenses associated with Hill Day
– Two days of meals
– One night hotel stay
– Round-trip airfare

Please consider giving a gift to the PAN Forum Scholarship Fund today. Donate now.