August Recess: Submitting an Op-Ed

Opinion editorials (op-eds) in your local newspapers are great ways to call attention from a Member to an important issue and educate your community. It is increasingly important that opinion editorial be unique and personal. They should include your personal story and name your Members. The personal story ensures that your piece stands out among the dozens, if not hundreds, of other op-eds your newspaper editor must read each day. Naming your Member will ensure that the Member and their staff see that you, their constituent, care about the issue that you are writing about. If you’ve met with them already, they might even recognize your name. Even better!

Below is a template for an op-ed. Newspapers are increasingly more vigilant on ensuring that op-eds are unique and original and have not been published elsewhere, so we want to ensure your op-eds are YOUR words.

However, we are here to help you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Kristina Gawrgy Campbell, director of communications, if you would like someone to review your editorial or need help in its construction. Kristina can be reached at 202-638-4101 x113 or [email protected].

VERY IMPORTANT TIP: ALWAYS check your newspaper’s guidelines. The template below is just a sample, but the best way to ensure your op-ed gets published is by following guidelines established by the publication in which you are submitting. If you do not follow directions, even an incredibly well written and relevant op-ed can get tossed out!

Possible headline:

  • The Future of Health Care is in Telehealth
  • Telehealth Vital for People with Parkinson’s Disease
  • Congress Should Expand Access to Telehealth

1-2 Paragraphs

  • Give your personal story. Introduce yourself or someone you know personally as someone who would benefit from telehealth. Be specific but not too wordy.

1-2 Paragraphs

1-2 Paragraphs

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