Recess: Scheduling Meetings with your Members of Congress and their Staff

What to Do
If it’s your first time meeting with your Members of Congress and/or staff or if you would just like a refresher, here are a few quick tips to help your conversation go smoothly. Also, do not be discouraged if your meeting is with a staff member.  Treat your meeting with them just as you would a meeting with the Member, whom they are there to represent.

What to Bring
PAN has developed materials on key issues for you to share with Members and their staff. These materials serve as an educational resource for you and your Member. Feel free to take copies of this with you when you meet with your Members or their staff, or for others in the room if you attend a town hall meeting.

Federal Funding
PAN supports strong and sustained funding for the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense Parkinson’s research program, and the Food and Drug Administration:

- NIH Reference Sheet
- DoD Parkinson’s research program Reference Sheet
- FDA Reference Sheet

PAN supports better access to telehealth services for people with Parkinson’s:

- Telehealth Reference Sheet

And most importantly, the thing that will likely make the biggest impression in the meeting will be your personal story.

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