Plant a Tulip to Honor Your Loved One

The Parkinson's Action Network (PAN) is excited to present the Tulip Tribute Garden, which celebrates, honors, and remembers those affected by Parkinson's disease while supporting PAN's important programs.

For gifts of $25, you can leave a message below for a loved one. At the $60 level, you or someone you designate will be sent a lovely tulip-inspired chocolate truffle confection. For contributions of $250 or more, a beautiful bouquet of tulips will be sent to you or a loved one.

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In loving memory of Caleen Mawhinney

-Marlene and Marshall Grossman


In Honor of Adrienne O'Neill

-Kathleen Quirk


In honor of Doris Elaine Smith

-Ray Madaris


In honor of Amy Comstock Rick, "Your service to the PD community we honor! Team Gator wishes you all the success and happiness as you open a new chapter. We will miss u greatly!"

-Team Gator


In honor of Ron Galowich. Dad - you have been an inspiration to all of us. PAN is fortunate to have you!!! Love, Bob, Lee Ann and Rachel

-Bob Galowich


In honor of Barb Halleen, "For putting up with me and all the fish stuff."

-Roger Halleen


In honor of Ron Galowich. "Wishing you a Happy Father's Day PaPa Ron."

-Marissa and Lynn Page


In honor of Michael J. Church, the greatest son-in-law. Thank you for all you've done for Dick, me, and your kids. You're a great Dad. Love You

-Mellany Baker


To my husband, Steve, for the courage and strength he has shown in this journey with Parkinson's. Love you!

-Marian Hovencamp


In honor of Samantha Elandary. the founder of Parkinson Voice Project. What an inspiration you are!

-Bing and LieNie Poh


In memory of Kenneth J. Levy

-David Rosenfeld


I honor Michael J. Westphal for his courage and good nature in coping with PD the past several years!!

-Richard Cox


To my husband, Robert, for the courage and strength he has shown in this journey with Parkinson's. Love you!

-Linda Moseley


In loving memory of the best person I have ever known, my dad, Kennith Dickey.

-Shelli Neal


In memory of Stephen S. Rosenfeld

-David Rosenfeld


In loving memory of my father on this first Father's Day without him. His 30-yr courageous fight will always be a source of strength for me.

-Christina Vaughan


In memory of Robert L. Williams, "Happy Father's Day Daddy! We love and miss you! Your daughter, Valerie."

-Valerie Hite


In honor of Lisa Ikeda Bain. Thank you for all that you do for the Parkinson's Community!

-Carol Madaris


In honor of Adrienne O'Neill, "Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Mead

-Christopher Vance


In honor of Patti Lightner - an inspiration to us all.

-Willy Richey


In Honor of Barb Halleen

-Barbara Moore and Suzanne Artzberger


In Honor of Barb and Roger Halleen

-Leonard and Marge Hunsader


In honor of Andrea Perseghin

-Todd Perseghin


In honor of Eddie Schindler

-Dylan & Kyra Coulam


In memory of my loving grandmother Anita Williams and in honor of my beautiful aunt Adrienne O'Neill.

-John Lofye


In honor of Patti Lightner

-Sharon Brubaker


Keep up the great work. Go team!

-Douglas Cunningham


In honor of Roger & Barb Halleen



In honor of Allen Ikeda - "We are happy to support this cause. We love Allen!"

-Greg Steiner


In memory of Sarah Gersch

-Deborah Burg


In memory of Sandy Overbeck

-Lake Country Shakers PD Support Group


In memory of dad, Col. Blan P. Dysart

-Marcel Cornibert


With loving thoughts and deepest sympathy in the passing of your beloved Hannah Mae

-Herbert Fogel


In honor of Anne Hanne, "We love you Mom."

-Matt and Theresa Hanne


In Memory of my loving mother and her silent fight against Parkinson's. I will always love you!

-Graciela Luna


In honor of Amy Comstock Rick and the PAN Staff. PDers are in the same boat. Thankfully, we have Amy Rick and PAN staff as our sail. Give spare change; it adds up.

-Patricia Lightner


In honor of Paul Schroder

-Linda Axtell


In honor of Paul Schroder

-Sharon Simon


In honor of Adrienne O'Neill

-Anne Keating


In honor of John McAvoy, "Happy Birthday - thanks for dinner."

-Susan McAvoy


In loving memory of my brother Nick Pazzano

-Rita Taylor


I love you Adrienne!

-Elizabeth Cleaver


In honor of PD patients and their families.

-Frank & Willette Wright


To my dad....never stop moving!!

-Donna Levay


In memory of Elias Gole

-Eve Nebenhaus


In honor of my wonderful physician and Parkinson's Advocate, Dr. Christina Vaughan

-Adrienne O'Neill


In memory of Warren Arter

-William Angus


In honor of the amazing team who supports my advocacy and passion to find a cure for Parkinson's disease. <3

-Lisa Bain


In memory of my beloved sister and brother, Mazie Nuzum & Rosco Richards

-Judy Johnson


Thank you to PAN for all you do to fight for all of us with Parkinson's!

-Darrell and Donna Miller


In memory of Lee Simon, loving father & grandfather. We Miss You!

-Beth Carter


In honor of Lisa Ikeda Bain

-Sean Hashimoto


In honor of Juanita H. Sigmon. Happy Mother's Day!

-Love, Miller & Judi


In memory of my husband Eugene R. Bardonner

-Jean Bardonner


In memory of Aud

-Christopher Vance


In memory of John M. Cann

-Jean L. Cann


Roy, my love--you always will be in my heart until, some day, we will be together.

-Agnes R. Bertelsen


In honor of Lisa Ikeda Bain and her tireless efforts! Keep on fighting the fight!

-Martin Ikeda


In honor of Allen Ikeda

-Patricia Getty


For the Best Buddy C.Carr!

-Loys Anne Locklear


In memory of Harvey Saxton "Thank you for all that you gave to me. I love you."

-Jeri Rhodes


In loving memory of our "Mimi" who brought us much happiness!

-Kimerly Coshow


In memory of Mary D. Kipps, "We miss you and love you forever."

-Susan Sullivan


In honor of Barb Halleen, "In honor of my Barb Halleen who's handled her diagnosis as a call to action & refuses to let it slow her down. I'm proud of her & love her very much."

-Beth York


In honor of Paul Schroder

-Kimberly Smith


In honor of Jim Jackson, a Vietnam Veteran, "For my Jimmy, for your service, your love and your dedication to God! I love you, your Baby."

-Evelyn Jackson


In memory of my mom, Betsy Uber, "It is just a small amount but it comes with a lot of love and hope for the day when this disease no longer exists."

-Janice Meadath


In honor of Patti Lightner, our fearless friend who looks Parkinson's Disease in the face and keeps going! You are an inspriation!"

-Deborah Ocker


In honor of Paul Schroder

-Lyle McKenzie


In honor of Jacqueline Montenegro

-Michael Robinson


In honor of my dad who has battled Parkinson's for 10 years. I love you dad!

-Sonny Comstock


In loving memory of my Father, Natt N. Dodge, and his courageous battle with Parkinsons Disease

-Judith Dodge


To Pamela Galowich, a wonderful, caring and loving daughter, from a proud Dad and Linda.

-Ronald Galowich


In memory of Mrs. Betty Ham Grant

-Mr. & Mrs. David Whitman


In honor of Roland Jost - Pour Papa, je t'aime.

-Marie-Laure Halleman


In honor of Team Idaho and all veterans with Parkinson's disease.

-Seth Ward


In honor of Nels Timm, the Most Wonderful Husband in the World

-Alicia Timm


In Memory of Mrs Betty Ham Grant

-David Whitman


In honor of Team Idaho and all veterans with Parkinson's disease.

-Jerry DeWeerd


In Honor of Barb Halleen

-Jackie Clark


In Honor of Barb Halleen

-Dave Garren


In memory of William Crone Peake.

-Bob and Jane Smola


In honor of my dad, Louis Paillex, and Effie, Bernadette, Sid, Charlene, Myra and all the other caregivers who are amazing, and PAN staff and grassroots volunteers!

-Lisa Paillex Griffin


In memory of Lou Ellen F. Hardman Love and Miss you everyday.

-Brenda Fuller


In honor of Linda Armstrong, Keep up the great work!

-Cutler Armstrong


In honor of Michelle Lane.

-Cherie Himel


To Michelle Lane - for all your hard work this is in your honor.

-Barbara David


In honor of Edward Willis.

-Kelly Frey


In honor of my Mom, who has battled PD for 9 years now; and for friends Joe, Ben, Lori, Greg, John and many others who live with this every day.

-Lisa Paillex Griffin


In memory of William Crone Peake.

-Bob and Jane Smola


In honor of David Collier

-Catherine Collier


In honor of all Vietnam veterans that Have Parkinson's Disease

-Zack Earp


To David C. Hopkins, "To honor your struggle all these years."

-Denise Hopkins


In honor of Allen Ikeda, "I love you Daddy!!!!! Thank you for all the work you do."

-Mandy Wallace


"Could not be more proud of my father, George Prescott. "

-Cheryl Prescott


In memory of Jude Kane, "You're always in my heart."

-Marion Kane


To My Wife Irene: I love you

-Donald McCormick


To Benjamin Jackson, "In honor of your bravery, strength and incredible love for each other."

-Patrick and Sally Lupiani


In memory of David Mallett, I miss you every day.

-Carolyn Weimer


To Judy Freitag, an amazing woman, who has battled Parkinson's with grace and dignity for 11 years.

-David D'Arcy


In memory of Mary D. Kipps, "You continue to inspire me. Miss you every day! Love, B"

-Brenda Jenkins


In memory of Danny,"You live on in my memories Danny. I miss you."

-Linda Galowich


In honor of all those living with Parkinson's

-Karl Robb


Thank you to the wonderful PAN advocates for their work!

-Jennifer Sheridan


To My Father, Norton Shapiro: I miss you every single day

-Shelly Sandler


In loving memory of our mom and grandfather.

-Stephanie Forgione


Life is a precious gift, Love is a wonderful gift, and laughter is glorious gift. So live life to the fullest, and laugh as much as you breathe.

-Timothy Hopkins


In honor and gratitude to the entire staff at PAN

-Carol Madaris


Happy birthday to "the best man God ever made!" We miss you so much, but we feel you with us - healthy now, and free. Hugs and kisses, Daddy!
Love, Us

-Leigh, Robin, and Gail Westerfield


Keep up the good fight

-Roger Halleen