2010 Tulip Tribute Garden

Celebrate, honor and remember your family and loved ones who have been touched by Parkinson’s disease. Plant a virtual tulip on our Web site as a birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day or Father's Day gift or just to let your loved one know how much you care! For all supporters who give a gift of $25 or more, we will post your dedication or message of up to 100 characters.
It’s easy to do! Click here to go to our donation form. All designations will remain on our Web site for 12 months. If you need further assistance, please call Craig Evans at 202-638-4101, ext. 108 or e-mail him at [email protected].

Tulips Planted: 105

In honor of Greg Alden
Happy Father's Day!
- from Geraldine Pratt
In honor of George Allen
- from Richard and Barbara Beatty
In honor of my father, Raymond Allen
You are the best dad ever!
- with all my love, Wendy
Harriette Barber
- from Thomas Barber
In honor of Carroll Bassett
- from Sarah Bassett
In memory of Alice Beal
- Anonymous
In memory of Alice Beal
- from John and Barbara Berardi
In memory of Alice Beal
- from William Gilmer and John Blackburn
In memory of Alice Beal
- David and Carol Kinne
In honor of Dave Becker
- from Jennifer Becker
Terry Boles
- Anonymous
Terry Boles
- from Jeremy Boles
Raymond H. Brandt
You are a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather. We Love you!
- Marilyn Brandt and family
Doris Brish
- from Beverly Stewart
Jean Burns
You are an inspiration to the world! You accomplish so very much with your dedication, artistry and persistence. I am so proud of you and proud to be related to such a fine human being.
- Love, Joni
Keep Believing
- Cheryle Campbell
Dr. Terry Capistrant
Thank you for doing so much to help others living with Parkinson's Disease.
- Mary Griffith
In honor of Sue Clough
For my caregiver.
- John and Ruth Clough
In honor of Mary Crouse
- Constance P. Buckley
On behalf of my beloved David
- from Rebecca Brunell
Rebecca Erickson-Lulay
- from Carol Erickson
In honor of Eileen Fader
For my remarkable mother with love.
- Julia Hays
In honor of Ron Galowich
- from Pamela Galowich
Marian Galvin
- Anonymous
In honor of Debbie Pressman Gimbel
- from Pamela McIntire
In honor of Floralee Goldstein
- D. E. and J. T. Goldstein
In loving memory of Mrs. Lee Green
- Angela Imhof
Florence Gregor
Our wonderful mom, loved by all who know her
- Joseph and Diana Ilecki
In Honor of Gail Grove
- from Andrei Cherny
In memory of Gail Grove
- from Trish Hoppey, Rich Schlackman and everyone at MSHC Partners, Inc.
Jim Hall
- from Patricia M. Brassen
In honor of John Hatch
- from Timothy Hatch
In loving memory of Peter Hoagland
- from Dave Schinzel
On behalf of Susan Hoff
- from Thomas Hoff
In honor of Donnie Hokenson
- from Margaret Kaspar
In honor of Roger Horne
- from Cynthia Hatfield
In honor of Roger Horne
- from Eileen and Cynthia Hatfield
In honor of Roger Horne
- from Julia and Roger Horne
In honor of Roger Horne
- from Robert and Loretta Staley
In honor of Dorothy Howell
For her lessons in acceptance.
- from Helen Ayers
In memory of Louis Imhof
- We miss you!
In honor of my nephew Ben Jackson
- from Sally J. Lupiani
Benjamin D. Jackson
You have inner strength, spirituality, family, and friends to support you on your journey. We love you and recognize your courage.
- with love, Mom
In memory of Bert Jacksteit
- from his granddaughter, Brooks Scoville
In honor of Michael Kahl
- Anonymous
In honor of August Kane
- from Susan Storm
To my husband for your 58th birthday and the inspiration you provide to your family every day.
- from Robin Katsaros
In memory of David Kay
- from your children Rebecca and Matthew Salzman
In honor of Rosalind Kay
- Marvin S. Kay
Lisa Kelm
- from Betty Davis Scott
In memory of Bette Lee Levenson
- from Sharon Blumenfeld
In memory of Bette Lee Levenson
- from Rachel Meyrowitz
Monnie Lindsay
Monnie, Congratulations on the Bonander Award. Great job!
- from Amy and PAN staff
In honor of Monnie Lindsay
- Jack Winters
In honor of Bob Linhares
- from Catherine Cane
In honor of Beverly Lohr
Thank you very much for all of your help.
- from the Eclectic Club in Baltimore
Cassandra Love
We Love you!!!!!
- Tyler, David, James, Wyatt, Chris
In honor of Albert McDonald
- from David McDonald
In honor of Dave McDonald
Thanks for being an awesome dad and for giving me the best gifts - our kids!
- from Anne-Marie McDonald
Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. We miss you.
- from David McDonald family
In honor of Richard MeLander
With love to my husband of 53 years.
- Ingrid Melander
Dedicated to Pat Merritt
A friend and a fighter
- with love from Martha & Ray
In honor of Stan Milstein, M.D.
- J. Milstein
In honor of Robert Moseley
- from Katherine Moseley
In honor of David G. Naille
- from Mary Naille
In honor of John S. Oehler
- Mary Oehler
Karen Painter
- from Judi Spencer
Happy 50th Anniversary Richard and Delores!
- from Penny Palmer
In honor of Donald Powers
- from Christopher Powers
In memory of Stephen Rosenfeld
- Mark and Ellen Abramson
In memory of Stephen Rosenfeld
- Edward Davis
In memory of Stephen Rosenfeld
- from Barbara Lieb
In memory of Stephen Rosenfeld
- James Newmyer
In memory of Stephen Rosenfeld
- Harvey and Jane Rich
Our beloved Stephen Rosenfeld
- Barbara Rosenfeld
In memory of Stephen Rosenfeld
- from Susan and Marty T.
In memory of Stephen S. Rosenfeld
- Anonymous
In memory of Stephen S. Rosenfeld
- Tom and Hana Hirschfeld
In memory of Stephen S. Rosenfeld
- from Neal Hoffman
In memory of Stephen S. Rosenfeld
- Marvin and Madeleine Kalb
In memory of Stephen S. Rosenfeld
- Marjorie H. Sonnenfeldt
In memory of Steve Rosenfeld
- Michael and Sandra Getler
In memory of Donn and Pauline Samuelson – parents of Joan Samuelson
- Sarah Wheatley and Sarah Burns
You are the bravest pop and poppop I know and love. Stay strong!
- Shelly Sandler
In honor of Lorraine Scharf
To my mother, for all the love and concern you gave to those around you. I miss you!
- Dale Elaine
In honor of Eddie Schindler
We Love You Grandpa!
- Love Dylan, Kyra, Mia and Giorgia
In loving memory of Grandpap and Pop Pop.
- Ben and Laura Scoville
In honor of Harold Shapiro
A wonderful man!
- from Stuart Shapiro
The hardworking, dedicated, loving staff who work at PAN
- Daniel and Joyce Sheridan
In memory of Earl Siegel
- from Gladys Siegel
In honor of Glen Silva
My Wonderful Uncle!
- from Carrie Harding
In honor of Richard R. Titus
- from Paula Mitchell
In honor of James A. Victor
- Helen Victor
In honor of Jay Virnig
- from Anne-Marie McDonald
Elsa Margarita Giudice de Volterra
- from Graciela Luna
Diane Wallace
- from Linda Tyger
In memory of Thomas R. Watson
- Bobette Watson
Kristina Wedding-Taylor
- from Tara Wedding
In memory of Melvin Weinstein
- Marsha Anthony
In honor of Jim Wesner
- Anonymous
In honor of Christine B. Whitman
- David and Hanh Whitman
In loving and grateful memory of Jack Wilson
- Julie and Jack Ridl
In memory of John (Jack) Wilson
- from Alan Bedell
In honor of John M. Wilson
- from Hubert P. Weller
In memory of John Montgomery Wilson
- from William Cohen
Richard Wilson
In honor and celebration of Richard’s 60th Birthday!
- from Sidney and Diane Durkee