2011 Tulip Tribute Garden

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month! In honor of this special occasion, the Parkinson’s Action Network (PAN) is excited to present our annual online Tulip Tribute Garden. Celebrate, honor, and remember your family and loved ones who have been touched by Parkinson’s disease.  Plant a virtual tulip on our Web site for Parkinson’s Awareness Month, for a birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, or Father's Day, or just to let your loved one know how much you care! For all supporters who give a gift of $25 or more, we will post the name of someone you would like to honor on the PAN Web site, including a brief dedication or message (we will post your dedication or message of up to 100 characters).

It’s easy to do! Click here to go to our donation form. All designations will remain on our Web site until the end of the year. If you need further assistance, please call Craig Evans at 202-638 -4101, ext. 108 or e-mail him at [email protected]

1.  I love you Dad!
     - Love Nicole
2.  In honor of Craig Hayton
     - Christine Skulevold
3.  In honor of Christine DeMarzo
     - Patti Hoffman
4.  In memory of my beloved husband Duncan
     - Elaine Owles
5.  In honor of Debbie Pressman
     - Janet and Emmy Dinah
6.  In honor of Debbie Pressman
     - Meg Klosko
7.  Mary Crouse – best friend ever!
     - Connie Buckley
8.  In honor of Marcus Quarberg
     - Sheila Rodeghier
9.  Paul Lurie
10.  In honor of the Krusinski Family
      - Joe and Kris Santucci
11.  In honor of Clarence Krusinski
      - Vern Schultz
12.  In honor of my husband Jerry who has been living
      with Parkinson’s for 32 years
      - Sandy Wuest
13.  In memory of Elbert, my dear husband
      - Carol Blue
14.  To my mom Jo Paterno, I love and miss you
      - Joanne
15.  In honor of Jo Paterno
      - Marilyn Cofone
16.  In honor of Tom Pendergrass
      - Geraldine Pendergrass
17.  In honor of the man who inspires me every day
      with his wisdom, kindness and patience
      - Linda
18.  In honor of David Hopkins
      - Denise Hopkins
19.  In honor of Matthew Hanzlik
     - Victoria Anderson Barnes
20.  In honor of my Dad whom I love and adore
      - Amy San Felippo
21.  In memory of Ted Woldorf
      - Dorothy Woldorf
22.  Happy Father’s Day to Tim Donovan!
      - Mary Donovan
23.  In honor of Rene Schiegg
      - Esther Schiegg
24.  In memory of Pierre Vaxelaire
      - Catherine Gaujacq
25.  Ron Galowich, thanks for your dedication to
      this wonderful organization
      - Susan Loggans
26.  In memory of May Brottman
      - Nina Brottman
27.  In honor of Roy R. Jensen
      - Redetta A. Jensen
28.  In memory of Joel Gwinn
      - Katrina Gwinn
29.  To my wife Irene, I love you so much!
      - your hubby Don
30.  In memory of Charles McCaskill
      - Jessica Sullivan
31.  In memory of Humbert Flores
      - Elaine Flores
32.  In honor of Thomas Reese Tucker
      - Scott Tucker
33.  Happy Father’s Day to Albert Adelung!
      - Dee Larion
34.  In memory of Seth T. Barrow, Jr.
      - Seth T. Barrow III
35.  In memory of Gilbert P. Witsell
      - Virginia Basquez
36.  In memory of Stephen Rosenfeld
      - Barbara Rosenfeld
37.  Honoring my dear husband Steve Schenkel, and
      Aunt Billie, and Sam Rubinstein
      - Penny Bergman Schenkel
38.  Happy Mother’s Day to Juanita Sigmon!
      - C.M. Sigmon
39.  In honor of my father who has bravely fought
      this disease for nearly 15 years
      - Elizabeth
40.  To Richard, my best friend I laugh with, live for
      and dream with
      - LOVE Linda Trost
41.  In honor of Lamar Lampert
      - Emily Lampert
42.  In honor of Peter Nickerson
      - Anne Nickerson
43.  Happy Father’s Day to Raymond Allen!
      - Wendy
44.  In honor of Dick Melander
      - Ingrid Melander
45.  Nina Brown, for everything you do
      - Sara Tiner
46.  In honor of my friend Pete Nickerson
      - Sidney Simon
47.  In honor of Richard Felger
      - Krista Hays
48.  In honor of the Nickerson Family
      - Mickey Delorenzo
49.  In honor of Dick Trost
      - Jack Brannan
50.  In memory of my father Oscar Wallace,
      I will always love you
       - Marsha T. Wallace
51.  I miss you and love you Daddy! Happy Father’s Day!
      - Valerie
52.  Happy Father’s Day! To a Great Husband
      and the Best Father!
      - Erna Gwinn
53.  In honor of my father
      - Carl Gwinn
54.  In memory of Philip Leigh Pavely
      - Marlena Engstrom
55.  In memory of Gilbert Witsell
      - Judy McCourt
56.  In memory of Gilbert Witsell
      - James Trussell
57.  In honor of Michelle Lane
      - David Deibel
58.  In honor of Debra Pressman
      - Lisa Pressman
59.  In memory of Gilbert Witsell
      - Marie Benson
60.  In memory of Mary Dunn Kipps
      - Brenda Kipps Jenkins
61.  In honor of Dick and Linda Trost
      - Mary Simpson
62.  In honor of Dick Trost, a very dear friend
      - Duff Lawrence
63.  In memory of my father Gilbert Witsell, I love you Dad!
      - Katherine Pappas
64.  In honor of my wonderful husband Joe
      - Michelle Kloser
65.  In honor Ron Spracklin
      - Brandi Spracklin
66.  Dick is the greatest company!
      - Pat Reilly
67.  To my Peba
      - Robin and Les Travis
68.  In memory of Gilbert Witsell
      - Total Seminars, LLC
69.  In honor of my son, Ben Jackson, for his positive
      attitude and willingness to help others with
      - Phyllis Jackson
70.  In memory of Gilbert Witsell
      - Sharon Cantu
71.  In memory of Gilbert Witsell
      - Jim and Sharon Wolfe
72.  In honor of a Wonderful and Fabulous sister,
      Iris Simonis, who is such an inspiration and
      role model!
      - Love Lynn Turner
73.  In honor of Mac Pletcher’s Birthday!
      - Louise Pletcher
74.  In memory of Gilbert Witsell
      - Dell Services HSG
75.  In memory of Donald K. Stokes
      - Linda Stokes
76.  In honor of Stephen Guarino
      - xxoo from Barbara and Amanda
77.  In honor of Suzanne Evans, for your brave
      - Carmen
78.  In memory of David Mallett
      - Carolyn Weimer
79.  Sandra Clark – Happy Mother's Day Mom!
      - Tyler Clark
80.  To dad, and his dad, and many more
      - Thomas Dolan
81.  Happy Mother’s Day Cathy Twibell!
      - Kerry and Tara
82.  Happy Birthday Connie Ray! Keep on fighting
      and keep the faith!
      - Evelyn Black
83.  In memory of Gilbert Witsell
      - Sandy Overbeck
84.  In honor of Mark Allen Underwood
      - Robert Underwood
85.  Greg Tweed, I love you big brother!
      - Kim Anderson
86.  In honor of Carol Ruyle
      - Nancy Paul
87.  In memory of Lana Fitzgerald
      -Robert Fitzgerald
88.  In memory of R. Park Anderson and Helen Ruth
      Walhof Anderson
      - from their children Arlene, Charles, Bernard
        and Deborah
89.  Almost 4 years ago, September 12, 2007,
      Parkinson’s took my son, Mark Kacala from me
      when he was only 50 years old. But as he donated
      his body to science, he will live in others. Mark will
      always live in my heart and be missed. And as long
      as I live, he will never be forgotten.
      - My love will never die, Mother
90.  In loving memory of Jay Harward
      - Miller Sigmon
91.  In memory of Gilbert Witsell
      - Margie Cowden
92.  To Steve Rosenfeld, quite a brother
      - Eric Rosenfeld
93.  Mom, you are my hero
      - Debbie Burg
94.  In honor of Poppie Moore
      - Judith Watson
95.  In honor of Jerry Sommer
      - Rebecca Krage
96.  In honor of my DAD!
      - Lisa Holland
97.  In memory of my grandparents Bert and Jane Jacksteit
      - from Brooks Scoville
98.  In loving memory of Littie Lee Baum
      - Nancy Cochran
99.  In memory of Gilbert Witsell
      - Sterling on the Lake Sunshine Committee
100.  In honor of Peter Nickerson
       - Wendy Weiss
101.  Happy Anniversary, Anne and Richard!
       - Kindest regards, Melissa
102.  In honor of a caring and courageous membership
        past and present
        - Parkinson Association of South Dakota
103.  In memory of my amazing mom Andrea
        - Erin Clevenger
104.  Happy Birthday Jan Boehm!
       - Carolyn Mata
105.  In memory of my loving mother, Patricia Bott
       - Linda
106.  In honor of my sister, Barb Halleen
       - Beth York
107.  In memory of Gilbert Witsell
       - Ed and Carol Asbridge
108.  Happy Mother’s Day Natalie Davis!
       - With all my love, Ray Davis
109.  Amy Maier, I love you Sweetheart!
       - Greg Maier
110.  Happy Mother’s Day Sylvia Cohen!
       - The Cohens
111.  Happy Mother’s Day to my sister Phyllis and niece
       Effie for supporting Ben in his courageous fight!
       - Carol Thompson
112.  In memory of my mother Virginia Russell
       - Fran Berry
113.  To Linda Herman, we wish you the happiest
        Mother’s Day!
       - Ed, Andy and Michelle
114.  In memory of my Mother
       - Graciela Luna
115.  For all the brave and dedicated patients and
       - John and Barbara Alden
116.  In memory of Viva Jean Mueller
       - Pam Wirth
117.  Happy Mother's Day Mary T. Hurley!
       - Jessica Varat
118.  For our beloved mother on Mother's Day in honor
        of our family
       - Lauren and Corrine
119.  Recognizing the best Dad and Grandpa anyone
       could ask for!
       - Pete, Hannah, and Jack
120.  In memory of Milton Guttenplan
       - Janet Schwarzer
121.  The BEST and most LOVED Dad in the whole world!
       - Laura and Jill Yodice
122.  In memory of my beloved dad Elias Gole
       - Eve Nebenhaus
123.  Happy Fathers Day Doug Huggard!
       - Love, your children
124.  Rest in Peace JoAnne George
       - Scott Foster