Resources for Engaging Candidates in Election Years

In election years, there are a number of ways that you can get involved as a PAN volunteer and a member of the Parkinson’s community to educate voters in your area and engage with candidates.

The resources below are designed to help you navigate the rules of engaging with candidates as a volunteer with PAN and to find out more about where they stand on important Parkinson’s issues.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jamie Tucker at [email protected].

Rules for Engaging Candidates
PAN has partnered with Nonprofit VOTE to provide resources on rules and tips for candidate engagement during election season.

As a nonprofit volunteer, you are permitted to participate in nonpartisan activities to learn more about candidates’ positions on Parkinson’s issues, including sending candidate questionnaires, attending campaign events and debates to ask questions, and attending or hosting candidate forums. Learn more in the resources provided below:

Ask Your Candidate Campaign
PAN has also partnered with Research!America as part of its “Ask Your Candidates! Is Medical Research Progress a Priority?” initiative. The initiative encourages people to ask their congressional candidates to share their positions on medical innovation and research through online and grassroots activities, social media strategies, and on-the-ground events. Learn more at