Newly Diagnosed

If you have been recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, there are many resources available to you. Talk to others who share your diagnosis and learn what is Parkinson's disease.

The Parkinson’s Action Network (PAN) is the leading advocacy voice of the Parkinson’s community—more than one million Americans and their families. Through education and interaction with the Parkinson’s community, scientists, lawmakers, opinion leaders, and the public, PAN leads the movement for better treatments and a cure. 

A powerful step many of our advocates have taken is to become involved with PAN as an advocate for the Parkinson's community. By volunteering to make a difference in your local community and in our country, you empower yourself in the search for a cure. People working to make the lives of those in the Parkinson’s disease community better feel many rewards. Our grassroots community of thousands of advocates is enlarged and becomes more powerful when people like you take the first step from diagnosis to advocacy. 

Click here to find out more about how to become an advocate. The simple process of signing up to make a difference will affect your life and the lives of others affected by Parkinson’s disease.

PAN has many excellent grassroots volunteers located all across America. Carol Meenen, PAN Senior Advisor for the Newly Diagnosed and Alabama State Coordinator, is experienced in working with people who were recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Carol’s experience with poetry, positive thinking, and being able to take the good times with the bad make her an invaluable resource to the Parkinson’s disease community. E-mail PAN at [email protected] to get in touch with Carol.

In addition to Carol, there are many other PAN advocates around the country. Finding them in your state can be a great way to get involved with our grassroots advocacy network and make a difference in your local community.  PAN advocates are also an amazing resource for information, connections, and help in getting started with advocacy. Contact PAN at [email protected] to find out about getting involved.

There are many other resources available online for those who are newly diagnosed.

The Parkinson's Disease Foundation has a free video titled "Diagnosis Parkinson's Disease: You Are Not Alone." Click here for information about how to receive your free copy.

For more information about PAN and how you can get involved in our grassroots advocacy network, please call 800.850.4726 or e-mail [email protected] Your voice, along with others in the Parkinson’s community, makes a difference. Join us today!