Policy, Advocacy, News - 12/20/2013

Latest from PAN

Dear Parkinson's Community:  Thank you!
Before anything else, we want to thank you for your involvement with PAN. Read more.

New Resource on Lewy Body Dementia Now Available
A new informational booklet on Lewy body dementias (LBD) has been published by the National Institutes of Health for people living with LBD, their families, and healthcare providers. Read more.

Budget Agreement Includes 90-Day Extension of the Medicare Therapy Caps Exceptions Process
Find out how the Medicare therapy caps exceptions process was impacted by the recently passed budget agreement. Read more.

New Study:  DBS May Help with Driving for People with Parkinson's
Could deep brain stimulation technology be helpful in driving for people with Parkinson's? Read more.


Stay Engaged

Tell Congress to Strengthen Federal Research Funding!
The new budget deal presents a great opportunity to strengthen funding for the priorities of the Parkinson's community. Contact your Members of Congress today!

VA Expands Benefits for Veterans with TBI and Parkinson's
Great news! The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) just finalized a new regulation that will make it easier for some veterans with moderate or severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) who also have parkinsonism, including Parkinson's disease, to receive additional disability pay. Read more.


In The News

NIH announces six funding opportunities for BRAIN Initiative
NIH l December 17, 2013
The National Institutes of Health is releasing funding opportunities to build a new arsenal of tools and technologies for unlocking the mysteries of the brain. More…

TB and Parkinson's disease linked by a unique protein
Yotta Fire l December 17, 2013
A protein at the center of Parkinson's disease research now also has been found to play a key role in causing the destruction of bacteria that cause tuberculosis. More…

Overworked cellular machines may explain Gaucher disease link to Parkinson's
Medical Xpress l December 17, 2013
Scientists have identified the biological pathway that explains Gaucher disease patients' higher risk for developing Parkinson's disease. More…

Study identifies possible biomarker for Parkinson's disease
The Almagest l December 16, 2013
Researchers discover that an important clue to diagnosing Parkinson's disease may lie just beneath the skin. More…

'Smart glasses' improve gait of Parkinson's patients
Yotta Fire l December 16, 2013
A new app for intelligent glasses, such as Google Glass, will soon make it possible to improve the gait of patients suffering from Parkinson's disease and to decrease their risk of falling. More…

McDonnell proposes $183 million for higher education
Richmond Times-Dispatch l December 12, 2013
Gov. Bob McDonnell proposes plowing $183.1 million into higher education in his upcoming two-year budget, including $1.3 million for Parkinson's Disease research at VCU. More…