Policy, Advocacy, News - 9/6/2013

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Phoenix Researcher to Receive $10,000 Postdoctoral Advocacy Prize for Work on Behalf of the Parkinson's Community
PAN has selected Brittany Dugger, Ph.D., postdoctoral fellow at the Banner Sun Health Research Institute, to receive the 2013 Postdoctoral Advocacy Prize. Learn more.

Affordable Care Act Question of the Week
What happens with my health insurance coverage if I want to participate in a clinical trial? Learn more.

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PAN participates in the world's largest and most successful workplace charity campaign — the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Learn more.


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In The News

Research casts doubt on Parkinson's disease treatment
Chicago Tribune | September 4, 2013
A recent study questions long-held assumptions about the way a brain protein affects the progression of Parkinson's disease. More…

Budget Battles Keep Agencies Guessing
New York Times | September 3, 2013
The collision of the $1 trillion in budget cuts known as sequestration and the breakdown of the normal budgeting process is creating headaches not just for Washington but also for a vast web of offices dependent on federal financing. More…

Scientists laid off due to budget cuts
CNN Money | September 3, 2013
It took a few months, but forced federal budget cuts are costing hundreds of science and medical research jobs. More…

Relief, but Disappointment, for Plaintiffs in N.F.L. Case
New York Times | August 30, 3013
Years ago, the symptoms started. Forrest Gregg would drag his left foot when he walked. He would thrash and kick and scream in the night, a nightmare running in his head. More…

The First Female Celebrity to Embrace Parkinson's
The Atlantic | September 3, 2013
Linda Ronstadt’s recent announcement that she has Parkinson’s disease and has retired from singing caught her fans by surprise. More…

Tuberculosis and Parkinson's disease linked by unique protein
MedicalXpress.com | September 4, 2013
A protein at the center of Parkinson's disease research now also has been found to play a key role in causing the destruction of bacteria that cause tuberculosis, according to scientists led by UC San Francisco microbiologist and tuberculosis expert Jeffery Cox, PhD. More…

Life Expectancy Grows for Women Age 50 and Up
New York Times | September 2, 2013
Life expectancy for women who live to age 50 is going up around the world, but poor and middle-income countries could easily make greater gains, according to a new World Health Organization report. More…