March 2010 E-Newsletter

CEO Message (pdf)
By Amy Comstock Rick

Using Webcast technology, PAN broadcast the latest Research & Public Policy Forum online to nearly 1,500 participants, many of them new to PAN.  The success of the Forum greatly extended our reach into the community, opening our doors to many people living with Parkinson’s, their families, caregivers, and friends, who otherwise would not have been PAN advocates.  We must now continue our outreach to elected officials in order to keep our issues at the forefront.  Go to full article»

PAN Forum Session: Keynote – NIH Director Announces Parkinson’s Disease Biomarkers Initiative at PAN Forum (pdf)
Francis Collins, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the National Institutes of Health, spoke to Forum participants about research opportunities for Parkinson’s and other diseases.  Dr. Collins also announced a new Parkinson’s disease biomarker initiative, a move that could improve the discovery of new treatments for Parkinson’s.  Go to full article»

Policy Focus (pdf)

As 2010 begins, PAN is focused on monitoring the continuing health care debate and pushing the National MS and Parkinson’s Disease Registries Act in both the House and Senate.  Go to full article»

2010 PAN Forum Advocacy Awards (pdf)
Each year at the Forum, PAN honors advocates who exemplify the best of advocacy in the Parkinson’s community.  Carol Meenen received the Murray Charters Award for Outstanding Service to the Parkinson’s Community and Michael Church and Gretchen Garie-Church received the Louis Fishman Award for Outstanding Advocacy.  Go to full article»

Photos from the 16th Annual Research & Public Policy Forum (pdf)
At the 2010 Parkinson’s Action Network (PAN) Forum, many speakers and participants joined together at the Newseum in Washington, DC.  Here are some of the sights throughout the day.  Go to full article»