April 2010 E-Newsletter

PD Awareness Month (pdf)
By Amy Comstock Rick

For the first time, the U.S. Senate has designated April as Parkinson’s Awareness Month. This month annually reminds our community to focus our efforts on educating people about Parkinson’s, increasing participation in clinical trials, continuing our advocacy for research dollars, and getting more people involved with issues important to our community.   Go to full article»

Sam Erwin, Iowa State Coordinator (pdf)
Sam Erwin, Iowa Congressional Coordinator, met with a group of Parkinson’s advocates and Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) on a snowy day in January. That meeting helped secure the Senator’s support for the National MS and Parkinson’s Disease Registries Act.   Go to full article»

PARS Study: Using Smell to Detect Changes in the Brain (pdf)
As we learn more and more about Parkinson’s disease and its symptoms, a collaborative group of researchers are studying the sense of smell as a precursor for Parkinson’s disease. The Parkinson Associated Risk Study (PARS) aims to test individuals for early warning signs of Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases.  Go to full article»

Policy Focus (pdf)

March was an eventful month here in Washington. Parkinson’s advocates across the country helped secure the support of Members of Congress for the Department of Defense Parkinson’s disease research program. Later in the month, President Obama signed the historic health care reform legislation, helping authorize the Cures Acceleration Network at the National Institutes of Health.  Go to full article»

PAN's First Annual Tulip Tribute Garden (pdf)
PAN is now offering a rare opportunity for you to honor a loved one, friend, or colleague by listing them on our Web site through a special program. Every supporter who gives $25 or more by May 31, 2010 can honor someone they love by planting a tulip in their honor in this virtual Tulip Tribute Garden.  Go to full article»


Snapshots from Recent Events  (pdf)
PAN has been involved in some events in the past month. CEO Amy Comstock Rick and Arizona State Coordinator Jean Burns were guests of Board Chair Ron Galowich and his wife, Linda Galowich, at Celebrity Fight Night in Arizona. PAN also hosted a briefing with FasterCures discussing the Cures Acceleration Network and next steps needed for the future of translational research.    Go to full article»