April 2010 E-Newsletter - Snapshots from Recent Events

     PAN has been involved in some events in the past month. CEO Amy Comstock Rick and Arizona State Coordinator Jean Burns were guests of Board Chair Ron Galowich and his wife, Linda Galowich, at Celebrity Fight Night in Arizona. PAN also hosted a briefing with FasterCures discussing the Cures Acceleration Network and next steps needed for the future of translational research.

Amy Comstock Rick, PAN Chief Executive Officer, Ron Galowich, PAN Board Chair, and Jean Burns, PAN Arizona State Coordinator, attend the Celebrity Fight Night gala for the Muhammad Ali Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Margaret Anderson, Executive Director of FasterCures, Amy Comstock Rick, PAN Chief Executive Officer, John Myers, Senior Health and Science Policy Adviser to Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA), and John Schall, PAN Deputy CEO, discuss the Cures Acceleration Network at a briefing hosted by PAN and FasterCures.  The briefing attracted a variety of groups interested in working for greater translational research at the National Institutes of Health.  PAN will continue to work for robust funding for CAN this legislative session.

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