Supreme Court Won't Hear Stem Cell Case: Victory for Patients and Science

Dear Parkinson's Disease Community,

I am extremely happy to tell you that just this morning the Supreme Court denied certiorari in Sherley v. Sebelius, letting stand the Court of Appeals ruling against opponents of stem cell research.  This victory for research and patients brings an end to this long litigation.  Scientists can now proceed with their work, knowing that the Obama Administration's policy on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research will remain in place and that the National Institutes of Health will continue funding.  Human embryonic stem cells have shown recent promise in many areas including diseases of the eye and spinal cord injury, as well as serving as the basis for research on induced pluripotent stem cells, which have become very important in Parkinson's disease research.

In the coming weeks, PAN, as a leading Board member of the Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research, will be working with our Capitol Hill champions to determine whether we foresee other immediate challenges to federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research or whether federal funding will at last go unchallenged, allowing the science to move forward as it should.  Of course, we will also continue to follow state-level challenges to human embryonic stem cell research, which were quite active last year. 

This is a huge victory for those living with or having a loved one with one of the many diseases and conditions that may benefit from promising biomedical research.




Amy Comstock Rick