Smithsonian Magazine Showcases Drug Development Process

June 2011 Monthly Message

Smithsonian Magazine Showcases Drug Development Process
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Parkinson's in the Media


How One Doctor's Fight is Transforming Cancer Treatment

In our monthly newsletter here at the Parkinson's Action Network, we like to share information, insights, and ideas we think are important not just to people with Parkinson's, but to the entire Parkinson's community – patients, doctors and nurses, researchers, funders, family members, and friends.

Smithsonian magazine ran a lengthy feature article by Terence Monmaney in their latest issue that we wanted to bring to your attention, called “A Triumph in the War Against Cancer.” The story chronicles the work of oncologist Brian Druker, and his new treatment for the deadly cancer chronic myeloid leukemia (CML): a powerful, effective drug called Gleevec.  

So, why is this important to the Parkinson's community?  We found this article valuable because it not only details the lengthy drug-development process (and its many hurdles and challenges), but also tells the story in a personal, approachable way.  You'll learn about the personal sacrifices Dr. Druker took to keep pursuing his work.  You'll gain insight into the ins and outs of the FDA approval process.  And, you'll read compelling stories about how the power of personal advocacy makes a difference every step of the way, whether it's doing your own search for treatments and clinical trials because a doctor told you there was no hope, or joining together with others to petition a pharmaceutical company to manufacture more of a drug that actually works.

We hope you find this as informative and insightful as we did.  Click here to read “A Triumph in the War Against Cancer.”