Parkinson's in the Media

June 2011 Monthly Message

Smithsonian Magazine Showcases Drug Development Process
Federal Update: What's Going on in Washington
Report Reveals New Drugs Reach Patients Sooner in the U.S. than in Europe
Join us for the 2011 Udall Awards Dinner
PAN CEO Amy Comstock Rick Featured on Comcast Newsmakers
Parkinson's in the Media


Marching Through Life With Parkinson’s
The New York Times
Dr. Karen Jaffe, an obstetrician-gynecologist in Cleveland, was only 48 when she learned she had Parkinson’s disease.  More...

Dad Refuses to Pass Down Inheritance of Illness
National Public Radio
There are three black and white photographs of my dad that tell the story of the last few years. My brother, Andy, took them, and they are both beautiful and brutal.  More…

Judges Weigh Limits of Health Law’s Powers
The New York Times
In perhaps the weightiest of the dozens of challenges to the Obama health care law, a panel of appellate judges grappled Wednesday with the essential quandary of the case: if the federal government can require Americans to buy medical insurance, what constitutional limit would prevent it from mandating all manner of purchases and activities?  More...

Biotechs are spending less on drug discovery
Boston Globe
U.S. biotechnology companies raised 15 percent more in investment funding last year than in 2009, but “innovation capital’’ — the amount actually spent on drug discovery — declined by 20 percent, according to an Ernst & Young report set to be released today.  More...

Parkinson's Disease May Raise Risk of Melanoma
People with Parkinson's disease are at increased risk for developing melanoma, a potentially fatal form of skin cancer, a study shows.  More...
Keeping Neurons Alive in Parkinson's Patients
Technology Review (MIT)
A molecule that has long been a source of hope as a potential Parkinson's disease therapy will get a new chance to show its benefit.  More...