Parkinson's in the Media

AFFiRiS Initiates Trial with Alpha-Synuclein-Targeting Parkinson Disease Vaccine
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
Austrian firm AFFiRis initiated what it claims is the first clinical trial to evaluate a disease-modifying therapeutic vaccine against Parkinson disease.  Developed using the firm’s Affitome® technology, the peptide-based vaccine PD01A is designed to trigger an antibody response that targets the alpha-synuclein deposits in the brain implicated in Parkinson disease development and progression.  The first-in-man study, carried out in Vienna, will evaluate the safety and tolerability of PD01A in 32 Parkinson disease patients.  More…

Afraid to Speak Up at the Doctor’s Office
The New York Times
A friend of mine, a brilliant and accomplished academic in her 70s who once specialized in history and literature, recently phoned to ask for medical advice after being discharged from the hospital for what sounded like a mini-stroke.  Ever eager to learn something new, she pressed me on “the latest research” and asked what doctors around the country were doing for her condition.  We discussed a few research studies, diagnostic tests and treatment options, but when I suggested she speak with her primary care doctor and perhaps a neurologist, her end of the line went silent.  I wondered if my cellphone had dropped the connection or, for a single harrowing second, if my friend was having another strokelike event.  More…

Brain Hub That Helps Birds Learn How to Sing 'Goes Wrong' in People with Movement Disorders
Daily Mail Online (UK)
The part of the brain which controls how birds learn their songs could be a key to treating disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, a study shows.  Researchers have identitified a ‘smart’ brain structure - the basal ganglia - which helps young finches to learn tunes and correct them if they go wrong. It is believed to play a similar role in all vertebrates.  Once the song is learned motor neurones take over and the song is sung ‘automatically’.  More…

FDA Reauthorization Approved by House
The Hill
A bill reauthorizing and expanding a user-fee program for drugs and medical devices was approved by the House on Wednesday, sending the bill to a likely conference with the Senate.  The House approved H.R. 5651, the Food and Drug Administration Reform Act, in a 387-5 vote.  The bipartisan bill is similar to a Senate-passed bill that would extend the FDA's user-fee program for generic drugs and biosimilars.  More…

A Link Between Personality and Parkinson's Disease?
The Republic
Your personality sometimes can offer clues to your physical health.  More than 50 years of research have confirmed, in the main, that aggressive, competitive Type A people are more likely to have heart attacks than calmer, more patient, Type B counterparts. — Could there be a Type P?  Kelly Sullivan, a researcher in neuroepidemiology at the University of South Florida's Morsani College of Medicine, says there is evidence of an intriguing link between personality and Parkinson's disease.   More…

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