Parkinson's in the Media

Hope for Stem-Cell Treatment for Parkinson’s
The Wall Street Journal
Researchers have used stem cells from human embryos to successfully treat Parkinson’s disease in mice and rats, a key step in the quest to develop a similar approach for people. More…

New Scan Can Speed Parkinson's Diagnosis
The Chicago Tribune
A new scan to help in difficult-to-diagnose cases of Parkinson's disease or other parkinsonian syndromes is available at more than 80 U.S. hospitals, including some in the Chicago area, since receiving federal approval earlier this year. More...

Geron's Exit Symbolic Ding for Stem Cell Research
Associated Press
Geron Corp. is exiting the field it pioneered in a calculated business move that underscores the long, costly path embryonic stem cells face to become real-world products. Late Monday, the company said it would halt its study of a stem cell-based treatment for spinal cord injury, the first embryonic stem cell trial approved in the U.S. More...

Study Links Parkinson's Disease to Industrial Solvent
BBC News
Researchers found a six-fold increase in the risk of developing Parkinson's in individuals exposed in the workplace to trichloroethylene. More...




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