PAN Submits Comments on FSMB State Compact on Licensure

On June 2, PAN submitted comments to the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) about their draft Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. The Compact would outline how to streamline the licensing process for physicians who wish to practice in multiple states.

In the letter sent to the FSMB, PAN commends the organization for their work to address this complex issue of state licensure, but addresses specific concerns about how the draft Compact does not fully address the licensure hurdles specifically as they relate to expanding the use of telehealth.

“While interstate licensure is a significant hurdle to the practice of telehealth, PAN does not believe the FSMB’s draft Interstate Licensure Compact will make a significant impact on reducing that hurdle,” the letter states. “Although the draft compact states the licensure process will be expedited, it does not set specific time goals for processing applications.”

PAN also asks the FSMB to address the expensive fees that are part of obtaining multiple licenses and recommends they look to reciprocity as a solution – allowing one state license to work in multiple states. Another concern outlined is that the Compact may only be adopted by some states in the country, further fragmenting the licensing rules from state to state.

To read PAN’s full letter to the FSMB, click here.

To read the draft Compact, click here.

Date originally posted: June 6, 2014.