PAN CEO Pens Editorial on Telehealth

Amy Comstock Rick, CEO of PAN, wrote an editorial for Health Affairs Blog about reducing policy barriers to telehealth for people with Parkinson’s.

The editorial makes the case for increased access to telehealth through policy changes around licensure regulations. PAN has endorsed the TELEmedicine for MEDicare (TELE-MED) Act of 2013. This bill, if passed, would allow doctors to see Medicare patients in different states via telemedicine without having to go through the arduous and expensive process of obtaining multiple state licenses.

Amy outlines the benefits of allowing people with Parkinson’s and other chronic diseases the ability to use telehealth to see doctors, particularly specialists, across state lines. In the piece, she also highlights PAN’s Delaware State Director Gary Chard who sees his movement disorder specialist in New York via video conferencing in Delaware.

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Date originally posted: May 30, 2014.