National Health Council Launches Patient-Centric Health Care Exchange Platform

The National Health Council (NHC), a nonprofit association of health and patient advocacy organizations, including PAN, has launched a new web platform, Putting Patients First, designed to help people with chronic conditions, their families, and caregivers better understand the new Health Insurance Exchanges and find insurance coverage that meets their individual health care and budgetary needs.

Putting Patients First is a web resource, created with the input of NHC members, that was created to provide helpful tools and to address a number of questions facing people with chronic conditions seeking insurance through their state’s Exchange. The website includes:

  • Estimate My Costs, an out-of-pocket cost calculator to help people project how their annual anticipated medical services and drug usage will impact their health care costs across the plans offered in their state.
  • Explore My Options, a tool that allows people to review a set of six different health scenarios to see how different health conditions, medical and drug use, and insurance plans impact out-of-pocket costs.
  • Share My Story, a repository for you to share your experiences navigating the Exchanges. NHC is collecting these stories to be shared with the Administration in an effort to improve the Exchange experience for users.
  • Answer My Questions, a section that includes resources collected from NHC members, including PAN’s
    Affordable Care Act Q&A

NHC will continue to update this new website as new information becomes available and provide new materials and tools as they are developed.

For more information on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and how it may affect you, please visit PAN’S ACA resources.

Date originally posted:  January 31, 2014.