Louisiana's Sister Mary Daniel and Illinois' Roger Halleen Receive Advocacy Awards

Sister Mary Daniel received the Parkinson's Action Network's prestigious 2012 Louis Fishman Advocacy Award.  Sister Mary Daniel was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2003, and began working as an advocate for the Parkinson's Action Network in 2004.

Sister Mary is a gifted public speaker and educates the greater New Orleans community about Parkinson's disease at support groups and local health fairs.  She has testified before the Louisiana State Judiciary Committee on behalf of the Parkinson's community, and has generated hundreds of emails and calls to Capitol Hill on federal policy issues related to Parkinson's disease and biomedical research.

"Sister Mary Daniel is a tireless advocate whose passion and dedication to the Parkinson's community is evident in everything she does," said PAN CEO Amy Comstock Rick.

Roger Halleen received the esteemed Parkinson's Action Network's 2012 Murray Charters Award for Outstanding Service to the Parkinson's Community.  Halleen has been involved with the Parkinson's Action Network since 2010, and currently serves as the organization's Illinois State Director.

Halleen leads two Parkinson's support groups, and speaks to local high school health classes about Parkinson's disease.  Hailing from East Peoria, Halleen travels throughout the area and across the state of Illinois to educate about Parkinson's disease and the important role the federal government plays in funding biomedical research.   He also works with media outlets in the region to help raise awareness of Parkinson's disease.

"Roger is a great example of an advocate leader who not only engages individuals and small groups in an effort to raise awareness, he also reaches out through the media and other communications vehicles to educate the broader community about Parkinson's disease and the importance of strong federal funding and policy support," Amy Comstock Rick added.

Both awards were given at PAN's Samuelson Reception and Postdoctoral Investigator Poster Session in Washington, D.C., on Monday, February 27.

About the Louis Fishman Advocacy Award
The Louis Fishman Advocacy Award was established in 1996 by a gift from the Louis Fishman estate.  Fishman requested that his memory be honored by recognizing others for their commitment and perseverance.  It is awarded each year to a PAN grassroots leader who exhibits exemplary outreach efforts in advocacy at the local level.

About the Murray Charters Award for Outstanding Service to the Parkinson's Community
The Murray Charters Award for Outstanding Service to the Parkinson's Community was created in 2004 and recognizes an advocate who not only engages the community, but also raises awareness of Parkinson's disease through media and other communications outreach tools. The late Murray Charters of Vancouver, B.C. was the first to receive the award.


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