Jackie Hunt Christensen Talks About Experiences at PAN Webcast

     Last month, we heard from Jackie Hunt Christensen, PAN Minnesota State Coordinator.  Jackie shared some of her experiences as a clinical trial participant and her thoughts on the then-upcoming interactive Webcast, Emerging Therapies:  From Microscope to Marketplace.  The Webcast took place on June 24, and nearly 600 people have viewed the online event.

Jackie was a panel participant at the Webcast, representing a patient who has been part of a clinical trial.  Since the Webcast ended, Jackie has spoken with people who watched the Webcast and many who still hope to view the archive on PAN’s Web site.  One thing is clear:  people enjoyed the interactive Webcast, and they enjoyed hearing a patient’s perspective along with those of experts in the field of research.

“All of the people I have spoken with enjoyed it very much,” said Jackie.  “Many others are anxious to watch it in the future.”

Jackie reflected on the importance of including the patient voice in this event.  She also related some of her experiences as a member of the panel.

“The patient perspective is absolutely necessary,” she said.  “I know at least two or three other panelists agreed.  They told me they enjoyed hearing that perspective as well.”

She continued, “Nobody can represent the whole patient community, but I tried to separate my opinion from other things I have heard.  I just tried to represent the patient voice, while keeping my own voice distinct.”

Jackie believes that the Emerging Therapies Interactive Webcast is a great educational tool, not only for the Parkinson’s community but other communities as well.  She believes that other events like this one would be good for reaching diverse audiences about interesting topics that are relevant to their lives and communities.

“There are potentially infinite number of topics,” said Jackie.