How can YOU advocate?

Advocacy is the cornerstone of the Parkinson’s Action Network’s success in the fight for federal biomedical research funding and policies that support the Parkinson’s community.  Being an advocate means using your voice to educate and persuade, correct misperceptions and change minds, and make a difference in your own life and the lives of others.  Advocacy is important because you are important.  Every voice matters.

There are many ways to advocate – some take just a few minutes, while others take a little more time.  Depending upon how much time you’re able to commit, PAN can help you let your voice be heard – whether you have Parkinson’s, you have a friend or family member with the disease, you are a medical professional, or you’re working in a lab to better understand the disease.

Here are three easy things everyone can do to learn more about Parkinson’s disease, and become an advocate on behalf of the Parkinson’s community:

Complete PAN’s Action Alerts!  Action Alerts are an easy way to let elected officials know what’s important to you!  Just enter your zip code, and PAN does all the work for you!  Sign up by clicking here!

Get to know the Parkinson’s community in your city or town.  There is strength in numbers – get to know your local Parkinson’s community and work together.

Learn about federal Parkinson’s research funding in your state.  Did you know that much of the medical research happening at universities and institutions in your state is funded by the federal government?  It is!  Click here to see how much academic research centers in your state get in federal biomedical research funding.

If you have more than just a few minutes each month to get involved and advocate as part of the Parkinson’s community, the Parkinson’s Action Network needs your help!  PAN’s Director of Outreach, Hayley Carpenter, offers these suggestions for things you can do:

I have Parkinson’s disease:

My friend or family member has Parkinson’s:

I am a medical professional:

I am a researcher working on a cure for Parkinson’s:

For more information about how to advocate, or to learn more about the Parkinson’s Action Network, call us at 1-800-850-4726 or email [email protected].

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