Highlights of Recent Parkinson's in the Media

November 2010 Monthly Message
- New Clinical Trial Begins for Treatment of Parkinson's Disease
- Policy Focus
- A Natural Miracle, a Legal Morass, by Joel Havemann
- Highlights of Recent Parkinson's in the Media


PAN regularly compiles news articles of interest to the Parkinson’s community on our Web site in the “Parkinson’s in the Media” section on our homepage.  These articles highlight issues dealing directly with Parkinson’s disease and other issues concerning our community.  We have highlighted a few of these articles below.

Stem Cell Research Skirts Hurdles, but Raises Ethics Issues, Too

When is a Placebo Not Really a Placebo? Maybe More Often Than You Think

Health care law fact check: Medicaid, health spending, and abortion myths and missteps

FDA cracks down on chelation therapy drugs

In Parkinson's patients, brain cells lose energy