Going Above and Beyond - September 22, 2010

Dear Friend:

With so much news from the past few weeks concerning embryonic stem cell research, it is easy to lose sight of the many other issues the Parkinson’s Action Network (PAN) has been working on this year.  But, this recent court battle over stem cell research highlights the need for advocacy and the importance of the Parkinson’s community in the policy issues of our country.  PAN will remain actively engaged as this process plays out, and we will keep you informed as the case proceeds.

Aside from embryonic stem cell research, PAN advocates have gone “above and beyond” in their advocacy this past August and throughout the year.  Whether it is attending a town hall meeting to discuss a Parkinson’s registry and funding for research during the August recess, as Illinois Congressional Coordinator Roger Halleen did, or serving on PAN’s Morris K. Udall Awards Dinner Committee to raise awareness for our fundraising dinner, members of our community constantly find new and innovative ways to advocate on behalf of the Parkinson’s community.  Joel Havemann writes this month about the inspiring advocacy work of James Trussell, this year’s recipient of the Milly Kondracke Award for Outstanding Advocacy.  We also pay tribute to Bette Levenson, who, with her husband Buddy, supported the Parkinson’s community for many years.  Bette recently passed away, but her and Buddy’s legacy lives on in the work of Parkinson’s advocates and their accomplishments throughout the year.

As you see, members of our community are tirelessly making contributions toward better treatments and a cure for people living with Parkinson’s.  While our work may not always be easy, it is important that we all remain engaged and aspire to go above and beyond like so many members of the Parkinson’s community do every day.
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Amy Comstock Rick
Chief Executive Officer

P.S.: PAN’s Morris K. Udall Awards Dinner is less than a month away.  If you have not done so already, please visit our Web site and support the work of PAN advocates everywhere.