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Parkinson's Call-in Day is
Wednesday, February 27

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Did you know the U.S. government is the largest funder of Parkinson's research in the world?

Did you know Parkinson's research funding is at risk of being drastically cut?

If you have Parkinson's or care about someone who does, we hope
you'll join us on this very important day.

Wednesday, February 27!

You don’t have to have Parkinson's to call your Member of Congress about research funding.  Anyone can do it!  Friends, family, neighbors, work colleagues -- the more, the better.  On Wednesday, February 27, we want the phones to ring in Congress all day long, so that every Senator and Representative knows that funding for Parkinson's research is important.

Calling your Senators and Representative will take only a minute, but could result in millions of dollars toward research on better treatments and a cure!  Watch your email for detailed instructions early next week.