Fundraising Tips

Idaho State Director Lisa Ikeda Bain set a goal to raise $10,000 for PAN in 2014. Here are some of the tips she has for other advocates who decide to fundraise for PAN.

You can learn more about Lisa’s efforts by following her on Twitter at @TheRealLisaBain, on Facebook at, or by email at [email protected].

  1. Start early.  
  2. Use a flyer for offline donations that are in the form of a check or cash. Some people are still hesitant to give their credit card information on a website. (PAN can provide a template for a flyer.)
  3. Ask everyone. Not just friends and family. I've dropped off and asked for support from my car insurance guy, hair stylist, eye doctor, chiropractor, massage therapist, dry cleaner, etc.  
  4. Don't just ask once. I emailed when the website first went live, and am preparing to send a second email this week.
  5. Send handwritten thank you notes to everyone who donates.
  6. Use social media. I post the link once a week, and thank everyone who donates publicly (unless they've asked to remain anonymous). This week's post will be my little nieces who have a jar of change, since I want to emphasize that "pennies for Parkinson's" are just as important as the $1000 check.  Every dollar counts!
  7. I keep a running total on my own, so that I can update everyone who has already donated with where we are in relation to our goal. People who donate become vested in our success!
  8. Always give people another option if they feel they can't financially contribute. I ask everyone to sign up to become an e-advocate. We're also doing a fundraising garage sale in June, so I ask people who are doing spring cleaning if they have things they want to donate, we'll pick them up.
  9. In addition to my personal story, I explain why I choose to fundraise for PAN, even though I also support other Parkinson's organizations. 
  10. Don't get discouraged. 

For more information about fundraising for PAN and to receive tools to help you get started, contact Christopher Vance, director of development, at 202-638-4101 x108 or at [email protected].

Date originally posted: April 18, 2014.