Fiscal Cliff Deal Fails to Protect Biomedical Research

Dear Parkinson's Community,

While the news media has reported that an agreement to avoid the “fiscal cliff” has been reached, the bill deals with only some of the issues that are important to the Parkinson’s community. We are extremely pleased that it includes a provision to extend the Medicare therapy caps exception process, protecting access to medically necessary physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy services. And, it includes a provision to avoid a cut to physician payments. Thanks to all of you who responded to our Action Alert on these issues last week.
But, it is hugely disappointing that sequestration decisions were pushed to early March, continuing the very real threat of serious cuts to biomedical research. For an excellent discussion of the impact researchers are already experiencing because of sequestration, please watch a CBS Evening News segment from last week. Over the next two months, we will continue to send our message to Capitol Hill that biomedical research cuts hurt our nation’s health and economy.
As many of you may know, the PAN Forum will take place February 25-27. This means that many members of the Parkinson’s community will be on Capitol Hill at the very time Congress is again grappling with sequestration and funding for research. I hope you will consider coming to the Forum so that you can join with others from your state and local community to meet your Members of Congress at this critical time.
I wish everyone a successful 2013.



Amy Comstock Rick