Comments from the Udall Dinner Committee

One way that members of the Parkinson’s community go above and beyond is through the Morris K. Udall Awards Dinner Committee.  This year’s committee is made up of dedicated individuals from all walks of life, and we are so grateful to all of them for doing their part to help the Parkinson’s community find better treatments and a cure.  Some of the Dinner Committee members shared their thoughts on why they are active with PAN through the Udall Dinner.

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Jodie Allen
“PAN is the most efficient – and effective – non-profit group I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.  Serving on the Dinner Committee gives me an opportunity to help at least a little to further a cause that is so important to my family personally and to so many others across the nation – and my fellow committee members make it fun too!”
Elaine Baxter
“I volunteer because I believe PAN's work in bringing groups together and creating strong networks to advocate for people with Parkinson's is delivering results. Our efforts are building a strategy for success.”
Carol Beach
“When issues arise that demand immediate action and united voices, PAN is there, usually before the stories hit the newspapers. There are dozens of worthy organizations out there, but I know that PAN has the best-informed and respected staff, as well as the track record and commitment to be an effective advocate for the entire Parkinson’s community.”
Sharon Correia
“I am honored to be given the opportunity to help support the dynamic work of PAN as they take aim on PD. However, I do this mostly to acknowledge the bravery and courage that I see daily in my many friends with PD. I want to stand beside them as they fight their way to resources, a better quality of life, and science that leads to a cure.”
Cheryl Prescott
“I volunteer for PAN in support of my father, George Prescott, and the millions of wonderful people afflicted with Parkinson’s disease. Being part of the Udall Dinner is uplifting to meet so many kind and talented people fighting for the same cause.”
Jack and Lila Segal
“Our Son, Barry, who is now 59 years old, has had Parkinson's disease for 21 years – since the age of 38. We hope for the cure!”

2010 Udall Dinner Committee Members

Michael J. Fox

Morton Kondracke
Diane and John Rehm

John and Barbara Alden
Jodie T. Allen
Elaine Baxter
Carol Beach
Paul Begala
Charlie and Judy Black
Wolf and Lynn Blitzer
Joe and Nina Brown
Wiley and Janis Buchanan
Andrew Card
Frank and Marcia Carlucci
Sharon Correia
Robert Eaddy
Curt Freed, M.D.
Ronald H. Galowich, J.D.
Susan Hamburger
Joel Havemann
Val Jones, M.D.
Clarence Kipps
Brittney Klinger
Barbara Kupperman
Michelle Lane
Dan and Vicki Lewis
Monnie Lindsay, J.D.
Millicent Mailliard
Michael Manganiello
Norman Ornstein
Laura Phillips
Cheryl Lynn Prescott
Phyllis Richman
Karl and Angela Robb
Bruce and Paula Robinson
Ian Rolland
Veronica Santos
Nicole Schiegg
Jack and Lila Segal
Margaret Sheehan
M. Anne Swanson
Anne J. Udall, Ph.D.
Senator Mark Udall
Carol Walton
Greg Wasson, J.D.