Budget Conference Deadline Quickly Approaching

The self-imposed December 13 deadline for the bipartisan budget conference committee to reach an agreement on Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 spending is quickly approaching, but despite only having met twice since the government shutdown, the conference committee did not reconvene before heading home for the Thanksgiving holiday recess.

While the lack of meetings seems to underscore the difficulties of coming up with even a small deal that sets spending levels for FY 2014 and replaces all or part of the automatic sequestration cuts set to take effect in mid-January, leadership on both sides remain cautiously optimistic that finding common ground is possible. Absent a budget deal, Congressional leaders will likely turn to another continuing resolution (CR) to keep the government funded beyond January 15 when the current CR expires.

Have You Taken Action Yet?
PAN has sent a letter to the members of the budget conference committee requesting that they work to protect medical research funding, end sequestration, and ensure that the Parkinson’s community has access to the resources and services it needs.

If you haven’t done so already, we need your help to ensure every single Member of Congress understands that we cannot afford any more cuts to medical research funding and innovation – and we cannot allow people with Parkinson's to be denied life-changing therapy services.


Date originally posted: November 29, 2013.