Bill to Fund DoD Parkinson's Research Moving Forward in House

The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense is taking up legislation this week that includes funding for the Department of Defense (DoD) Parkinson’s research program. The DoD Parkinson’s research program funds grants that go to researchers across the country to support initiatives that not only benefit our military and the nearly 80,000 veterans with Parkinson's disease, but also provide the broader Parkinson's community with information on how to better treat and prevent Parkinson's.

In recent weeks, PAN staff has met with staff of members of the Subcommittee to urge their support for at least $16 million for the program for Fiscal Year 2015. While we won’t know the funding amount recommended for the program until the full committee takes up the bill in the next few weeks, our conversations with staff have been very positive – and supported by a letter signed by over 50 Members urging full funding for the program.

Thanks to the hard work of Parkinson's advocates from across the country, this program has remained fully funded despite fiscal challenges. We need your help again to ensure that DoD Parkinson's research remains a priority as Congress makes funding decisions this year.

Ask your Representative to support DoD Parkinson’s research today!

Date originally posted: May 30, 2014.