Ask Your Candidate! Initiative Releases Toolkit, Organizes Day of Action

A toolkit and action alert for Ask Your Candidate!, an initiative of Research!America and various partners including PAN, are now available online.

The initiative encourages people to ask their congressional candidates to share their positions on medical innovation and research through online and grassroots activities, social media strategies, and on-the-ground events. The new toolkit includes sample op-eds, blog posts, letters to the editor, one-pagers, and other materials that will be helpful in helping build awareness of the initiative.

Research!America is also asking people to send an email to their congressional candidates before June 5 asking them about their positions on medical progress. People are also encouraged to help spread the word about the initiative by telling at least five friends.

To send the action alert, click here.

To download the toolkit, click here.

Date originally posted: May 30, 2014.