ALERT: House Committee Approves $16 million for DoD Parkinson's research

Say Thank You and Urge Continued Support for DoD Parkinson's Research

The House Appropriations Committee has advanced legislation recommending full funding for the Department of Defense Parkinson's Research program!

In a very tough budget environment, your outreach helped secure $16 million for the program for Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 – and now that the Committee's work is done we have to ensure that the funding bill passes the full House when it's brought up for a vote, likely later this month.

Send Thanks!
We ask that you contact your Representative today to say thank you for his/her support for $16 million for the Parkinson's DoD program and encourage him/her to vote again for the Defense funding bill when it reaches the House floor.

The Senate will likely begin work on its version of the Defense spending bill soon, so stay tuned for an opportunity to engage with your Senators on this critical program.

It's only through your continued advocacy and outreach that the DoD Parkinson's research program will be fully funded in FY 2015 and into the future. Thank you!


Date originally posted: June 12, 2014.