Affordable Care Act: What Is It and What Does It Mean to Me?

The Affordable Care Act, or health care reform, is over three years old, and yet there is still rampant confusion and misinformation about what the law does and what it means for Americans and their health care coverage and service needs.

It’s extremely complex, with a number of new policies and moving parts, but every single person in the United States, regardless of age, gender, health, and geographic location will be impacted. To help make sense of these changes, PAN is launching a set of new web pages and FAQs to guide you through the law’s implementation. 

Our initial list of questions and information is designed to cover the health care law and its implications for the Parkinson’s community very broadly. We will continue to update this new resource and provide more targeted information as it becomes available.

We also want to hear from you. If you have a specific question that isn’t covered, let us know! Your feedback will help make this a stronger tool and better inform us of the type of material that is most important to you and the Parkinson’s community. 

Please send your questions to Jamie Tucker at [email protected].

We plan to cover as many of your questions as we can over the next few weeks and months and will address a new one each week in PAN: Policy, Advocacy, News. The answered question will then be added to and archived on our website.

Check out our new Affordable Care Act resource pages.


Date originally posted: July 26, 2013.