Advocating in August

As a constituent of your Member of Congress, you hold the power to make a difference without coming to Washington, DC!  This August, we invite you to meet with your Representatives and Senators while they are back home on recess from Congress.  The August work period, which runs from August 9-September 10, is a perfect opportunity to meet with lawmakers.
Now's your chance to share your personal story, educate your Members of Congress about Parkinson's disease, and talk about how they can help our community!  Talk to your Members of Congress about Parkinson's disease and the affect it has had on your life-whether you are a person living with Parkinson's, caregiver, care partner, child, parent, friend, relative, or coworker.  Members of Congress want to hear from their constituents and will listen when you communicate your views and share your experiences.
If you've never met with your Member of Congress, take the opportunity to schedule your first meeting or attend your first town hall.  Lend your voice to the thousands of voices advocating for better treatments and a cure for Parkinson's disease.  For more information on how to have a successful interaction with your Members of Congress, click here.
By raising your voice, we can break down barriers to securing better treatments and a cure for Parkinson's, secure additional funding for Parkinson's research, and ensure that government programs benefit those living with Parkinson's.  Take Action today!
P.S. Meeting with your Member of Congress can spur change.  Read a success story.