2013 and the 113th Congress

Welcome to the 113th Congress!  2012 ended in a rush of negotiations around the “fiscal cliff” and in the early days of 2013, the lame-duck 112th Congress approved H.R. 8, the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012.  The fiscal cliff deal only temporarily postponed the across-the-board cuts, known as sequestration, by two months.  It is hugely disappointing that sequestration decisions were pushed to early March, continuing the very real threat of serious cuts to biomedical research.  This underscores the importance of PAN’s advocacy work in 2013. 

So what’s next?  Over the next several months Congress has three fiscal hurdles to overcome:

  • the looming deadline of sequestration;
  • the expiration of the Continuing Resolution, which is funding the government through March 27; and
  • the nation hitting the debt ceiling.

Despite the logjam here in Washington, your voices are not being ignored!  But, it’s imperative that over the next two months, our community continue to speak out about the crippling impact funding cuts will have on research being supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and conducted throughout the country.  As the 113th Congress gets underway, it is critical that we educate our Members of Congress about Parkinson’s disease, the importance of research towards better treatments and a cure, and the economic role research plays in each state.  Click here to see the jobs supported by NIH grants in your state.

We are excited Parkinson’s advocates will be coming to Washington for the PAN Forum (February 25-27) and on Capitol Hill during what will be a very busy time on these issues.  PAN hopes you will join us for the PAN Forum and throughout the year as a Parkinson’s advocate.  Watch your email for Action Alerts and opportunities for your voice to be heard!