Milly Kondracke Award for Outstanding Advocacy

The Milly Kondracke Award for Outstanding Advocacy is presented to recipients at the annual Morris K. Udall Awards Dinner, a celebration of the Parkinson’s community.

2014 Recipient

Israel Robledo
Texas State Director
Israel Robledo is receiving the Milly Kondracke Award for his years of commitment as an advocate and volunteer for PAN and many other Parkinson’s disease and health organizations. Learn more.

About the Award
Milly Kondracke was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1987 and, after a brave struggle, lost her battle in 2004. Not only did she fight the disease with extraordinary dignity, she tirelessly and effectively advocated for increased federal commitment to Parkinson’s research. On behalf of millions of advocates across the country, Milly was the public face of Parkinson’s disease on Capitol Hill. Milly humanized Parkinson’s and educated lawmakers about the importance of a federal commitment that lives up to the scientific potential. The Milly Kondracke Award for Outstanding Advocacy is presented to advocates who embody the incredible strength of spirit and commitment to advocacy that Milly demonstrated every day.

Past Recipients

2013 - Monnie Lindsay (Nebraska)
2012 - Michelle Lane (Louisiana)
2011 – Michael and Gretchen Church (Florida)
2010 - James Trussell (Georgia)
2009 - Jean Burns (Arizona)
2008 - Linda Cooper O’Leary (Arizona)
2007 - Michael Hooffstetter (New Mexico)
2005 - Peggy Willocks (Tennessee)
2006 - Jackie Hunt Christensen (Minnesota)
2004 - Joe and Nina Brown (Texas)
2003 - Jim Maurer (Massachusetts)
2002 - Greg Wasson (California)