Pipeline to Progress: New Drugs & Therapies Faster – May 26, 2010

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Better treatments and a cure.  That is what we are all working toward.  With those two goals always at the forefront of our work, PAN works to educate our community with our monthly message.  It now has a new look, and I will be giving you a sneak peek at the articles written each month.  I hope you like the new look, and we welcome your feedback for ways to improve it.

PAN is making strides to help speed up the development of new drugs and therapies.  The Cures Acceleration Network has been passed by Congress, and PAN is now working to get it funded so that the National Institutes of Health can get moving on this life-saving effort.  On June 24 we will host an interactive Webcast, "Emerging Therapies: From Microscope to Marketplace," that will discuss issues affecting the therapy development pipeline.  One participant, PAN's Minnesota State Coordinator Jackie Hunt Christensen gives an insider's view to clinical trials and how they help the entire community.  We are also happy to welcome Joel Havemann, a former editor at the Los Angeles Times, who will be writing a new monthly column for PAN about his experiences in the Parkinson's community.

As we continue working toward our ultimate goal of a cure for Parkinson's, please join us on the critical issues facing our community.  Your voice is vital to our success, and your support lets us continue to do this important work.
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