Department of Defense

SoldiersPAN strongly supports the Department of Defense (DoD) Parkinson’s research program.

The DoD Parkinson’s research program identifies and funds research projects that strive to understand how Parkinson’s disease develops and discover new ways to diagnose, prevent, and treat the disease. Thanks to advocacy by the Parkinson’s community since 1997, the program has funded over $370 million of Parkinson’s research.

Research funded through this program provides the Parkinson’s community with information on how to combat the second most prevalent neurological disorder in the United States. Learn more.

Funding Efforts

The Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 final budget agreement, signed into law in January 2014, includes $16 million for the program, which meets PAN’s request and restores funding lost to sequestration. Learn more.

Download a fact sheet on the DoD Parkinson’s program.