Grassroots Network

What is the Grassroots Network?
The Parkinson’s Action Network (PAN) is a grassroots advocacy organization for the Parkinson’s disease community.  

There is no PAN without grassroots advocates around the country. There are no grassroots advocates without local communities of people living with Parkinson’s disease, working together to effect change.

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What do the Grassroots Advocates Do?
PAN advocates work in their states and local communities every day. Attending support groups, speaking at schools, colleges, and universities, and contacting their Members of Congress are but a few of their actions in support of the entire community.

PAN has grassroots leaders across the country working to lead local advocates. The leaders, all volunteers working for a cure on their own time, work closely with their Members of Congress and spread the message of Parkinson’s disease issues to their local communities. 

Assistant State Directors and District Delegates work in their Congressional Districts, while State Directors work state-wide to facilitate the advocacy network in the entire state. These advocates work tirelessly, giving feedback and information to PAN staff in Washington, DC, and working to ensure a seamless message across the nation.

A grassroots program also includes the Grassroots Advisory Board, a group of 10 grassroots leaders who participate in various aspects of PAN’s decision making and provide critical feedback about the evolving needs of the Parkinson’s community.

Get Involved
The true power of PAN comes through the grassroots network of advocates. That voice is amplified with every phone call, email, letter, or personal meeting that members of the Parkinson’s disease community have with their Members of Congress. 

As constituents of Members of Congress, your voice is heard loud and clear on issues affecting the Parkinson’s disease community. Working with advocates from coast to coast, that voice is amplified as thousands of advocates join to support the Parkinson’s community.  

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